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Polarizing Microscope

Viewing Head : Siedentopf type binocular head, 30º inclined, eyepiece rotation 360º
Interpupillary adjustable distance 50mm- 75mm
Eyepiece : WF10X/20mm, WF10X/20mm (reticle 0.1mm)
Nosepiece : Quintuple click stop revolving mechanism with multiple ball bearing
Condenser : Swing type N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter

Viewing Head : Polarizing siedentopf trinocular head 30° inclined, eyepiece rotation 360°
Interpupillary adjustable distance 48- 76 mm
Light distribution 100:1 (100% for eyepiece)
Eyepiece : WF10X/20 mm, WF10X/20 mm (reticle 0.1 mm)
Nosepiece : Quintuple, center adjustable
Condenser : Swing out condenser with N.A. 0.9/0.13 polarizing unit (with scale, rotable 360°, can be locked)